Movement School

Movement School

Movement School is a simple email based program that will deliver an article or video link to your inbox once a week.  The occasional emails will start with a bit of theory to help you better understand your body and will progress to specific exercises to help you build awareness and improve your posture.  You can work through them on your own time, but you will receive them in a sequential order with each one building on the last.

The emails will serve as gentle reminders to look after yourself and hopefully teach you something interesting about health once a week.  The written content will overlap with my book and will integrate many of my videos to help you fully understand the concepts, movements and exercises.

You can unsubscribe from the series at any time with a simple click.

Enter your email address below to sign up for Movement School.  You should receive your first email right away and then about once per week thereafter (emails will start mid-late Sep2016 just finishing up the series).  Enjoy.

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