About Me

My name is Brent Stevenson.  I am a physiotherapist based in Vancouver, Canada with my wife and three children. I am the co-owner of Envision Physiotherapy with two large multi-disciplinary clinics in the heart of the city.

I specialize in helping people with resistant and chronic pain problems overcome their challenges by means of mindful education, IMS dry needling, osteopathic manual therapy and movement training.  This site has developed and expanded based on my personal successes and failures with my own body as well as the journeys I have been through with my clients.  

In 2016, I published my first book Why Things Hurt: Life Lessons from an Injury Prone Physical Therapist, after I suffered a serious eye injury and was forced to re-evaluate my invincible approach to life.  

I am a therapist that has learned a lot about human nature by working closely with people as they work through their own personal traumas and discover the role that stress plays in their physical pain.  I utilize writing to process my own thoughts and attempt to help others by sharing the stories that I have been a part of. I am grounded by my academic training with university degrees in Physiotherapy and Human Kinetics, but have found the most success in the grey areas of allied healthcare that are not yet supported by rigorous scientific research.

I am a clinician that has worked with thousands of people in pain over the past twenty years and I have had the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of experienced mentors.  The knowledge that I share with you is what I believe to be true based on my experience and my interpretation of the growing research in pain science.

Get to Know My Journey.

My Expertise:

Masters of Science in Physiotherapy, McMaster University 2003

Bachelor of Human Kinetics, University of British Columbia 2001 

Diploma of Chan Gunn IMS Dry Needling, Institute for the Study & Treatment of Pain 2008

Diane Lee Series of courses on the Pelvis and Thorax + two years of working together

Jean Pierre Barral’s series of ten courses on Visceral and Neural manipulation  

Shirley Sahrmann’s courses on Movement Impairments

Diploma of Manual & Manipulative Physiotherapy

Golf Fitness Expert, Body Balance for Performance

My Injuries:

  • Ball in the eye: seven surgeries
  • Dislocated Shoulder: one surgery
  • Broken Wrist
  • Multiple concussions
  • Sprained everything
  • Torn meniscus in knee and labrum in hip
  • And the list goes on...

My Goal

I have created this site with the best of intentions and hope it can help be a lifeline for those struggling with the mental and physical tolls that trauma can create.  The best way to connect with me if you are not in Vancouver is to leave a comment on my blog.  If you live in Vancouver and would like to visit me clinically, please visit EnvisionPhysio.com for details. 

All the best, 


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