Physiotherapist Brent Stevenson has written two books to help people understand how their bodies interact with the world around them.  Why We Hurt weaves readers through layers of stories, emotions, and anatomy to connect people to the meaning associated with the tensions they hold inside.  Why Things Hurt practically explains the role day-to-day things like posture, shoes, pregnancy, pain, and injury play in the experience of being you.    

Brent’s books compliment the articles, videos, and courses on this site.  Their goal is to create empathy, understanding, and kindness in people by helping them understand their own discomfort and appreciate the struggle of those around them.

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Why We HurtWhy Things Hurt

"People experience the world through their bodies," Brent Stevenson writes in this remarkable book, but as an innovative physiotherapist he has witnessed all too often just how out of touch humans can be with their bodies, as with the emotions that tense up and limit the movements of those bodies, causing pain, fear and even disability.  In plain English Why We Hurt explains how our minds, memories, brains, muscles, ligaments, viscera, and connective tissue interact in subtle ways to foster suffering, origins and healing of which transcend the narrowly mechanical views of conventional medicine. Stevenson's understanding of these dynamics is keenly insightful, his many case histories are fascinating, and his explanations are clear and illuminating.

Gabor Mate, MD, Author, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture

"Brent's book skillfully integrates a holistic approach to restoring human health, seamlessly weaving together physical and emotional well-being. By demonstrating through case studies how clinicians can effectively attend to all aspects of a person's health, the book emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing all clues to facilitate patients' journey back to wellness. Additionally, the book explores the evolving role of psychedelic medicine in this holistic approach, acknowledging its potential as evidence continues to accumulate."

-Dr. Pamela Kryskow, MD,  Medical Lead Roots to Thrive Program

“This book encapsulates Brent’s wisdom beyond his years and is extremely well written. It is personal, yet professional. Through his blogs and patient’s stories Brent explains the current state of the art and science of physiotherapy and has made the complex topic of chronic pain simple to understand. Experience doesn’t always create wisdom, but reflection and sharing of experiences often does. I personally and professionally resonated with many parts of this book and look forward to using it as a tool in my practice to help clients understand Why Things Hurt.”

Diane Lee, Physiotherapist & Educator

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