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This page contains links to all the blog articles on this site in a more organized order.  You will find edited versions of some of these articles in my book, but many of these blog posts also have videos embedded in them.  Enjoy…

Stories & Case Studies

How a 34 Year Old Physiotherapist Overcame his Foot, Back, Hip and Knee Issues

My Eye Injury: A Physical & Emotional Battle

My Eye Injury: One Year Later

Beth’s Story: An Ex-Runner Turned Mother Rediscovers her Body

Getting Old Sucks

Life: A March Towards Stenosis

Movement: Your Body is the Car and You Are the Driver

What Does it Mean to be Hypermobile: A Gift and a Curse Wrapped into One

Your Invincible Years are Over: How to Stay Strong, Fit, and Pain-free as You Age

How Sports Affect Your Body Throughout Life


Understanding Healthcare

Pain & Function: What Doctors Don’t Understand About Pain and What People Don’t Understand About Doctors

Empathy Over Ego: The Art of Active Listening as a Healthcare Practitioner

Allied Healthcare: Your Options Outside the Medical Model

Diagnostic Tests: A Static Snapshot of a Moving Being

Creating and Managing your Own Health Record: A Crucial Ingredient to Preventative Health

Why Things Hurt

Resistant Pain: A 3-Dimensional Moving Puzzle

Why Things Hurt: Explain Pain

Why Hips Hurt: An Illustrated Explanation

Yoga & Stretching Injuries: Why People Get Hurt on Their Quest for Bendiness

Why Knees Hurt

A Step-by-Step Guide to Addressing Your Pain and Creating Long Term Change in Your Body

Why Shoulders Hurt

Stomach Pain: A Mechanical Explanation and a Pill-free Treatment

Why Backs Hurt

Why Feet Hurt

Plantar Fasciitis: An Illustrated Explanation of Why Your Foot Hurts

Elbow Pain: Why it Lasts So Long and How to FIx it Properly

IT Band & Patellofemoral Syndrome: How Did Your Knee Pain Turn into a Syndrome?

Understanding Chronic Pain: The Key to Feeling Better

Treatment Techniques

What is IMS? Intramuscular Stimulation vs Traditional Acupuncture

IMS Dry Needling: An Expanded Explanation of Why & How

Physiotherapists vs Chiropractors: Which One Should Your Choose?

IMS Dry Needling: Stories from an Outspoken Physiotherapist

Is Your Head Twisted?  Cranial Nerves: A Missing Link for Head, Face and Body Pain

What is Visceral Manipulation: An Integrated Part of Physiotherapy

Principles to Follow When Your Back is Sore

Fitness, Exercise & Sports

Golf: The Fundamentals of Movement

Dealing with Injuries as an Aging Tennis Player

How to Strengthen Your Feet: Advice and Tools to Get You Started

Barefoot Running vs Barefoot Lifestyle: A Fad Leading to a Revolution

Core Training: When Less is More

What is My Core? Depends Who You Ask!

Deep Inner Unit: Light Core

Six Degrees of Movement: Life as a Workout

Posture & Alignment

Everything Your Mother Taught You About Posture is WRONG

Shoes: Good Support or Coffins for Your Feet?

Pregnancy, Pain & Posture: A Video Progression to Restore Movement

How to Sit: The Plight of the Desk Jockey

Breathing: More than Just Keeping You Alive

How to Stand: Postural Pulp Fiction

Basic Anatomy

Basic Shoulder Anatomy

Basic Low Back Anatomy

Basic Knee Anatomy

Basic Hip Anatomy

Mindful Communication

My Name is Lance: Remember Me

Mindfulness: The Skill of Living in the Present

Mind Over Matter: The Power of Perception



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