Understanding Chronic Pain: A Key to Feeling Better

This brief YouTube video captures what physical and cognitive therapists wish all of their clients understood.  To say that the experience of pain is in your brain is not the same as saying it’s all in your head.  The sensitization of your nervous system is a real thing and a significant component of persistent, chronic pain.  Watch the video for an illustrated explanation.

For a Canadian resource have a look at these videos below.  They are a longer and more in depth presentation of the topic:
Overcome Pain and Live Well Again Part 1
Overcome Pain and Live Well Again Part 2
Overcome Pain and Live Well Again Part 3

The best book on this topic is Explain Pain by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley

Check it out here:


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  • Neil Pearson

    Hey there Brent
    good video to post.
    Please consider informing others of the Canadian resources on understanding pain – I know that APTEI/Bahram has one, and I wrote Understand Pain Live Well Again, a more conversational and simple explanation of pain than Lorimer and David’s. This will be released in French later this year, and also will be made available as an ebook.
    Like you, I think the detail in Explain Pain is awesome. For those wanting an indepth video explanation, the Educational Webcasts linked from the bottom of the splash page of http://www.lifeisnow.ca are a great next step after the short vid you have linked here.
    Your site looks good -had a brief lok at the Why elbows hurt – have you read the research of Bill Vincenzino from UQ? cool stuff on lateral epicondylalgia – worth a look.

  • Brent

    Hey Neil

    Thanks for the comment. I checked out your website…..a great resource. I will add the link to your videos below this one.

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