Getting started

Getting Started

Step 1- Determine what type of learner you think you are

Do you prefer reading books, watching videos, or reading individual articles?

Do you want to work through things in your own order, or would you prefer more direction?


I suggest you start by reading through some of my blog articles first, then scan through the video playlists and if you like what you see, I would read my book first and then come back to this site and watch the videos to fill in the gaps and help you with your body.

Here are a handful of articles on this site that I think would be a good place to start, but you can also use the Search Box on the blog or videos sections to find specific topics:

Step 2- Create some context for yourself

Click here to read through the table of contents in my book (Nov2016).  It contains a series of articles and stories in a logical order that will help you learn what you need to know in the most efficient manner.  You will find some of the articles from the book on this site integrated with videos, and other articles in the book referring you back here to watch or learn visually after reading the concepts.  This website will become much more useful to search out what you want after you have learned the broader ideas of how your body works from the book.

Step 3- Learn Why, How and What you can do

Try searching on the blog for whatever body part you are interested in, e.g. Why elbows hurt or Why backs hurt

Consider reading these three articles:

Learn about a handful of different treatment techniques you may not know about that I think are essential

Step 4- Start working on your body & mind

Sign up for Movement School and have articles and videos from this site automatically emailed to you in a sequential order that I think would be the most useful.

Start watching some of the Video Playlists.  You will find they start with a bit of theory and anatomy and then progress into movement exercises to help your posture and awareness.

Step 5- Ask for help

Find a good physical therapist in your area and ask for some feedback on your body, posture and movement patterns.  If you are in or around Vancouver, Canada, I can be found at Envision Physiotherapy.

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