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Why Things Hurt is a collection of true stories and meaningful explanations about how our bodies work and the journeys we travel to maintain them.  It provides accessible answers and structured principles on topics such as posture, pain, pregnancy, exercise, footwear and sports.  Physiotherapist, Brent Stevenson discusses how to navigate your medical systems and what you should and should not expect from your physicians.  He outlines what everyone should know about their own body, both physically and emotionally, by combining conversational lessons with cathartic true stories of injury, pain, resilience and perseverance.  This book will empower you to make proactive choices for your body and help guide your journey in the right direction.

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 Praise for Why Things Hurt:

“This book encapsulates Brent’s wisdom beyond his years and is extremely well written. It is personal, yet professional. Through his blogs and patient’s stories Brent explains the current state of the art and science of physiotherapy and has made the complex topic of chronic pain simple to understand. Experience doesn’t always create wisdom, but reflection and sharing of experiences often does. I personally and professionally resonated with many parts of this book and look forward to using it as a tool in my practice to help clients understand Why Things Hurt.”  –Diane Lee, Physiotherapist & Educator

“From cover to cover, Why Things Hurt is a rare and exciting reading adventure. He explores the ever-fascinating multiverse of the dynamics of the body and mind, related with his own unique heart, empathy and practicality. A handbook for every health care professional and any “body” that loves to move regardless of age or stage of life.” -Siobhan O’Connell, Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor

‘First and foremost, Why Things Hurt is a great read.  Through his interaction with thousands of patients, Brent has developed a unique and special insight into how our bodies work, both on a functional and holistic level.  What is remarkable is how he has translated this into a book that has useful lessons and guidance for everyone; there is valuable learning here in terms of how to manage pain, both physically and psychologically, as well as how to prevent it.  He advocates for a multidisciplinary approach to pain management which is key. A must read, even if you don’t hurt, yet.’ – Dr. Kenneth Ryan, MD, Anesthesiologist

“Brent Stevenson is at the vanguard of manual therapy, in positioning our internal organ anatomy as integral, not peripheral, to movement patterns and musculoskeletal pain resolution.  An engaging little book!” –  Annabel Mackenzie, Shiatsu Therapist & Barral Institute Instructor

Why Things Hurt is practical and funny, and all-over awesome. Brent addresses all the common movements and body parts that make us hurt, and gives simple strategies in a style that’s knowledgeable, entertaining and right on-point. His broad expertise reveals itself in the multitude of treatments, stories, and solutions found throughout the book and his own story of injury is human and inspiring. I especially loved the vignettes about his clients, and the powerful solutions Brent was able to apply for them.  Bottom line: this book is a great read, and one that is important for anyone tired of persistent aches and pains or who want a deeper understanding of how they move (and why it hurts). It’s the instruction manual for my body I’ve always needed!” –Matt Giammarino, Educational Entrepreneur

“We all change over time. Most of us are aware of chenges in our joints and may be aware of postural changes in others but are rarely aware of our own postural changes.In my chronic pain practice almost 100% of patients coming through my door have no idea how their pain may be caused, aggravated or perpetuated by their posture. I love the way Brent explains how these changes happen and what you can do about it.  I highly recommend his book and website.” -Dr Pam Squire MD  Pain specialist & Associate Clinical Professor UBC 

“Brent Stevenson has the unique combination of being an excellent therapist and amazing teacher. In this book he has delivered some of the more complex and layered concepts in a very digestible format.  This book is equally beneficial for the client as well as the practitioner.”–Harry Toor, Physiotherapist & Illustrator

Why Things Hurt takes you on a wildly entertaining journey of discovery into how your body actually works or doesn’t work, and how to fix it according to Brent’s unique mastery of physiotherapy, IMS and complex problem solving. Being a detail-oriented PhD scientist, and having competed at numerous world championships in triathlon and mountain running, this book is a fantastic resource for keeping my body moving and pain-free even with all the twists and turns life throws at me! –Mike McMillan, PhD Scientist & Triathlete

“Understanding always helps. In this book Brent uses personal and patient stories in everyday language to provide excellent explanations of why things hurt. Empower yourself by understanding why.” -Mark Finch, Registered Massage Therapist

Why Things Hurt: Life Lessons from an Injury-prone Physical Therapist


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