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Hello and welcome to Why Things Hurt.  I created this site as a resource for people to learn about their bodies in an approachable and conversational manner.  I have been a physical therapist in Vancouver, Canada since 2003 and have worked with some of the world’s best healers.  In my personal and professional journeys of dealing with chronic pain, I have learned the importance of helping people understand why their bodies aren’t functioning properly before trying to give them any advice, direction or treatment.

I have written you a book to help give you the big picture as it relates to your body, your mind, medical systems, alternative therapies, health and fitness.  I give you this website as the choose your own adventure option to search the topics that interest you most and I have integrated it with my YouTube channel to help demonstrate the concepts that require more than a stick man drawing.  I enjoy answering peoples questions as much as time permits, so please feel free to ask questions in the comments sections of the blog articles.  If you are in Vancouver and would like to see me clinically please click here for my clinic website.


To learn more about my journey personally, professionally and academically, read on…

Brent’s mission is to create a preventative healthcare network that completely avoids the bureaucracies of government, medicine, education or country. The internet has freed people to learn in their own way and share amazing amounts of information. Brent strives to use this freedom to bring everyone down to the same playing field when it comes to their own health. He believes medical doctors need to be taken off their pedestal as the go to profession for health and the general public needs to take some accountability and actually learn how their bodies work.

Brent has been a physiotherapist in Vancouver, Canada since 2003 and has taken a unique journey through all aspects of the health and wellness industries. He started working at a small private clinic owned by a large corporation in a poor neighbourhood treating injured workers, welfare families and the occasional crack addict. His clients were not motivated by wellness, they were motivated by pain. They were uneducated and constrained by what the government would do for them. He stayed for 7 months, helped as many people as he could, but his learning curve plateaued so he moved on.

He then started working for a small start-up company focusing on golfers in one of the richest neighborhoods in Vancouver. The owner was a Canadian that had just moved back from Florida and had purchased the franchise rights to Body Balance for Performance in Vancouver. Brent went from treating the guy that runs the bumper cars at the summer carnival to the CEOs of major companies and retired millionaires that winter in Palm Springs. These clients were motivated by performance first, pain second and could afford to pay for the best healthcare money could buy. He learned how to educate people based on what motivates them not on what he thought they should know. This is something that has molded Brent as a therapist and educator to this day.

The start-up company was eventually bought by a bigger sport performance company that was motivated by money, but preached health and fitness. Brent stayed for two years and had the opportunity to work with top golfers, football players and hockey players. At the same time he worked part time with a large startup private medical business that focused on multidisciplinary care and corporate health. He worked with doctors, nurses and business people during the initial stages of the company as it fought government policy and bureaucracy. Brent learned a lot about healthcare systems and business, but internal politics and company direction lead to Brent moving on.

Within two months of moving on Brent got married, started his own business and was offered a job with Diane Lee, one of the top physiotherapists in the world. He built his business part time and commuted to work with mentor Diane Lee for two years until Envision Physiotherapy grew to demand his full attention. At Diane’s clinic Brent was challenged to work with the people that had already seen physio, chiro, massage and trainers but weren’t getting any better as well as countless pre/peri/post-pregnancy women’s health issues. It challenged his clinical skills and forced him to think outside the box and take a unique approach. He combined his knowledge of movement patterning, fitness and skills with IMS acupuncture to help people along a spectrum of pain, prevention and performance. In the same day he had the chance to help a 37 week pregnant lady with back pain, a 12 year old soccer player with knee pain, an 82 year old with balance problems then go back stage at GM place that night and treat the Cirque De Soleil performers. Full spectrum.

Brent now runs a multidisciplinary clinic in Vancouver called Envision Physiotherapy that includes  Physio, Pilates, massage and Kinesiology, He works with doctors and trainers on a day to day basis to try and fill in the gaps between the medical system and the health and fitness industry. He has had the chance to help teach fourth year medical students at the University of BC and has been a leader in British Columbia to advocate for physiotherapists and their continuing education.

Brent has experienced an endless string of injuries as a multi-sport athlete including a life changing eye injury in 2014 that required seven surgeries and still left him functionally blind in his right eye.

Academically Brent has attained:

University Degrees

  • Master of Science in Physical Therapy, McMaster University, Hamilton ON
  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC


Post Graduate Education

  • Chan Gunn IMS (intramuscular stimulation) Dry Needling
  • Visceral Manipulation courses levels 1-4: Abdomen, Pelvis & Thorax: Barral Institute
  • Neural Manipulation courses levels 1-4: neuromenigeal, peripheral, cranial and brain: Barral Institute
  • Listening Techniques: an integrative approach to evaluation: Barral Institute
  • Fresh Cadaver Dissection: exploring visceral, neural, muscular and fascial anatomy: Barral Institute
  • Part A: Diploma of Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy
  • Levels 1-3 Upper Quadrant: Diploma of Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy
  • Levels 1-3 Lower Quadrant: Diploma of Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy
  • The Lower Extremity: Diane Lee
  • Real-time Ultrasound Imaging and Clinical Reasoning: Diane Lee
  • The Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex: Diane Lee
  • The Advanced Pelvis: Diane Lee
  • Introduction to the Pelvis: Diane Lee
  • Diagnosis & Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes Level 1 & 2: Shirley Sahrmann
  • The Shoulder Complex: Persistent Rotator Cuff Impingement Syndromes & Frozen Shoulders
  • The Thoracic Spine: PT approach to evaluation and treatments using mobilizations, muscular re-training and taping
  • Mulligan Concept: Lower Quadrant Procedures. Mobilizations With Movement
  • Body Balance For Performance: Trained Golf Fitness Expert
  • Clinical Applications in Sports Physiotherapy



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