4. Core/Breathing

This page is a general guideline for you to use the videos on this site to build a body awareness and functional strength program for yourself.  It categorizes the Doing videos into a reasonable progression of skill and movement acquisition.  You are best to start watching some of the Learning videos to help you understand why the doing videos can help you.

Remember that this page only highlights the core & breathing and that you should review the other three categories concurrently.  This site has a lot of videos and you do not have to do all of them.  It is best to pick 2-5 of them to work on at a time and start to learn how the principle movement you are learning translates to how you sit, stand,
walk and breath all day.  Once you learn to use the skills in day to day life, your need to actually practice the exercises should significantly diminish because life can become your work out.

If you are at all concerned about your own health and safety, please consult a trained physical therapist and/or physician before doing any exercises found on this site.

Note: Exercises may be added to these pages regularly.  The exercises below can be found within the video library and the various playlists.

STEP 1: Awareness of your subconscious

  1. What is my core? [Text]
  2. Core Training: when less is more (butt, back and chest grippers) [Text]
  3. Breathing, your diaphragm & posture [Text]
  4. Deep inner unit = light core [Text]
  5. Light core + leg lifts
  6. 4-point neutral spine + light core
  7. Bridges: gut, butt n’ breath
  8. Tall kneeling: gut, butt n’ breath
  9. Vacuums: intro to strong core

STEP 2: Stability + Movement

  1. Muscle slings: resist the twist vs strong rotation
  2. Squats
  3. Thirsty birds
  4. Bridge + baby march
  5. 4 point donkey kicks
  6. Reaching up 11
  7. Planks
  8. Counter top push ups
  9. Stride stance + cable pushes/pulls
  10. Pushing the immovable object
  11. Standing trunk rotation
  12. Thirsty bird + trunk rotation
  13. Slap shot drill

STEP 3: Building Power

  1. Squat to jump
  2. One leg squat n’ drive
  3. Half squat + move sideways
  4. Pushing a movable object
  5. Side to side jumps
  6. Plant n’ go sprint
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