Why Brent knows what he is talking about:
First and foremost, I have a lot of personal experience in the field of hurting myself.  I grew up as a long and lanky kid playing every sport imaginable and made a habit of coming home with a new and unique pain or injury on a weekly basis.  My training as a physiotherapist started as a patient.  I then spent four years at the University of British Columbia studying anatomy, physiology, fitness, health and nutrition, followed by two years at McMaster University learning about rehabilitation, pain and injury.  I have trained with Dr Chan Gunn at the Institute for the Study & Treatment of Pain as well as worked closely with Diane Lee, an internationally respected physiotherapist and educator.  I have been a physical therapist since 2003 and continue to work with clients experiencing sub-acute to chronic pain on a daily basis.  The information I am providing you is mesh of my formal education, personal experience and clinical practice.

WTH Videos & Posts (Watch #1, 2 & 3 then pick topic):

  1. Six Degrees of Movement
  2. Why Things Hurt [Video] [Text]
  3. What is IMS Acupuncture? [Text]
  4. Everything Your Mother Taught You About Posture is WRONG [Video] [Text]
  5. Why Low Backs Hurt [Video] [Text]
  6. Why Shoulders Hurt [Video] [Text]
  7. Why Hips Hurt [Video] [Text]
  8. Why Knees Hurt [Video] [Text]
  9. Why Elbows Hurt [Video] [Text]
  10. Why Ankles Hurt [Video] [Text]
  11. Why Feet Hurt [Video] [Text]
  12. Why Mid Backs Hurt [Video] [Text]
  13. Why Necks, Heads & Arms Hurt [Video] [Text]
  14. Why Jaws Hurt [Video] [Text]

Principles to follow when your back is sore

More specific conditions, syndromes and pains will be addressed in future videos, Coming Soon!

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