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Canucks limp into 2011/12 season: what Kessler, Nolan & Raymond should be doing

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The Vancouver Canucks had an amazing season and playoff run last year.  They did everything they could short of winning the Stanley Cup and they did it being one of the most injured teams in the league all season long.  That speaks to the depth the organization, the heart of the players and the support of the medical and training staff to get players back on the ice.  But why were we one of the most injured teams in the league?  Hockey is a tough sport and injuries are part of the game, but some injuries are preventable and some don’t have to be recurrent.  I believe the Canucks have a great medical team behind them, but I think they are missing out on a hidden gem that the Vancouver medical and physiotherapy community has brought to the world….and that is IMS acupuncture.

I have been a physiotherapist in Vancouver for eight years and a Canucks fan for thirty two.  I write this article to educate the public on the nature of pain and injury as it relates to hockey injuries like groin pulls, back pain and labrum tears.  I am not affiliated with the Canucks in any way, but I do have interest in seeing them win the Stanley Cup this year and hope to see the players get the best possible care available.  I do not have access to their rehab programs, but if the following information is new to the athletic therapists and doctors in the organization, I suggest they pursue the help of a physiotherapist that can provide IMS to the players.

Ryan Kessler is the best two way player in the NHL right now, but he has torn his labrum in both hips in the past few years.  Your labrum is a rubbery piece of cartilage that surrounds the socket of your hip to effectively make it deeper and create stability.  Tearing it is similar to tearing your meniscus in your knee.  It can screw up the mechanics of the joint and lead to pain in the groin, hip and leg.  The labrum doesn’t have a very good blood supply to it, so if you tear it, the body is unable to heal it properly and surgery is usually required to get players functioning properly again.  Kessler has had both hips operated on and is training to get back into form for November as far as I know. Read More

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