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Building a Model of Preventative Health Care

Most people will agree that preventing a problem before it arises is a good idea. Most people will also agree that the Canadian health care system already has a problem: too many aging, sick and ailing people and not enough doctors, nurses and hospital beds to accommodate them in a timely manner. This problem affects all of us, some more than others, but it affects all of us. Blaming the government is not the solution, taking on personal accountability for your own health is. The government and the current medical system is so tied down by trying to deal with the sick, injured and aging that it will have trouble ever catching up to the point where it can legitimately focus on being a preventative system. Even if it did, preventative health requires by-in from the individual and the general population to assertively educate and take care of oneself. The support system and infrastructure is there, but most people don’t know how or when to utilize it to help themselves in a preventative manner.

It is an accepted and studied fact that exercise and mobility have positive effects on physical and mental health, but how do we use this vague statement to help our well-being? The general population is a busy group that unfortunately will chose convenience over health most of the time. So how do we make exercise and mobility convenient? The answer is to educate people on how to use their bodies efficiently so time is not the excuse for poor health. Basic knowledge of injury and healing combined with education on postures for sitting, standing, walking and lifting could prevent countless pains, injuries, disabilities and trips to the doctor’s office. As parents we closely monitor our children’s movement milestones in the first two years, but once they are able to sit, stand, walk and run we do very little to make sure they are doing it all properly; mainly because we all take movement for granted. Read More

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