Links & Resources

Links & Resources


Brent Stevenson, physiotherapist in Vancouver, Canada at Envision Physiotherapy

Dr. Chan Gunn, retired physician that developed IMS now centered at the University of BC

Diane Lee, physiotherapist in White Rock, Canada and international educator Diane Lee & Associates

Jean Pierre Barral, osteopath in France and pioneer of visceral and neural manipulation Barral Institute


Find a Physio in British Columbia, Canada

Find a healthcare practitioner around the world International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

Evernote: a way to keep track of everything


Why Things Hurt Facebook Page

Four Hour Blog: my favourite read/listen on personal development by Tim Ferriss

Wait, but Why?: a great blog on all sorts of topics that will make you think


Mindsight: a great read on mindfulness and awareness

Shantaram: my favourite novel


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