Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS): Your case studies & testimonials

The University of British Columbia has recently taken over Dr. Chan Gunn’s body of work researching the effects of Intramuscular Stimulation or IMS.  As a clinician that has been using it since 2008, I have no doubt of its efficacy, but the medical community has been slow to acknowledge it because of studies showing that acupuncture yields no benefit.  I find it unfortunate that the two forms of treatment get lumped together because they are fundamentally different treatment modalities.
I am not a researcher, but I am confident the research will eventually catch up to the clinical practice regarding IMS.  What I can help with, is to help gather case studies of peoples’ experience with IMS and give patients some information to go to their doctor with to help educate the medical community.

If you have had IMS as a treatment by your physiotherapist and care to share your experience (positive or negative) please share your story in the comments below in the following format:

A brief history of you and your pain:
e.g. I am a 46 year old runner with a 6 month history of knee pain when I run…

A brief history of what you may have tried prior to IMS:
e.g. “normal physio” with electrical machines, chiropractor, massage therapy, acupuncture, ice, heat

Who you saw for IMS and what your doctor’s thoughts were (if applicable):
Feel free to give your physio a plug or simply share how you heard about it

Your experience with IMS (short term and long term)
You may have found it uncomfortable, but felt looser afterward.  Totally open ended….tell us what happened for better or worse.

Please leave your case study and/or testimonials below.  I will be providing a variety of interesting case studies involving IMS in the coming months.


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  • Sarah Giammarino

    A brief history of you and your pain:
    At the time of my knee pain, I was a 30 yo mom of one, very active in dog walking and training, and playing ultimate frisbee. My knee pain became so bad during my sport season, I had trouble walking up the stairs.
    I had ACL surgery on the same knee many years ago and thought these problems were related. I thought I would probably just have to live with the pain the rest of my life.

    A brief history of what you may have tried prior to IMS:
    I didnt try anything.

    Who you saw for IMS and what your doctor’s thoughts were (if applicable):
    I saw envision physio’s Brent Stevenson upon a recommendation of a friend. I was complaining about my knee pain and my husband finally made me go even though I didnt think it would help.

    Your experience with IMS (short term and long term)
    Brent diagnosed me very quickly. He used IMS on my knee and hip area. It felt uncomfortable at the time and the night after the treatment, it was so painful and swollen. After a few days, the pain cleared up and I have been pain-free for 3 years.
    Thank you so much!

  • Greg Murray

    A brief history of you and your pain:
    I was a competitive athlete in my teens, playing hockey, basketball, and cross country running. I also played a multitude of other sports at a recreational level. However I injured my back playing high school football, and I endured chronic back pain for the next twenty five years until I met Brent. The back pain also created other problems as my muscles became very tight, impacting my shoulder, groin, glutes, hamstrings, knee, calves, and foot (lots of issues!).

    A brief history of what you may have tried prior to IMS:
    I tried everything to remedy my back pain and other problems, including traditional physio, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, pilates, and orthotic inserts. After years and years of this I eventually gave up, thinking I would just have to live with the chronic pain for the rest of my life.

    Who you saw for IMS and what your doctor’s thoughts were (if applicable):
    I heard about IMS from two of my closest friends, one of whom had severe and chronic back pain (not too dissimilar from mine) and the other who had chronic shoulder issues (again, not too dissimilar from mine). I also heard about other IMS success stories, and two of the people achieved their success by going to Brent. Given the transformations I saw in my friends – especially since they too once thought their problems were chronic and unsolvable – I decided to give IMS and Brent a shot. I didn’t have a lot to lose, and a lot to gain. My doctor actually didn’t have a role in my decision – it was entirely based on the results I saw my friends achieve.

    Your experience with IMS (short term and long term):
    Given my lack of success with other treatment modalities, I was very skeptical about IMS but I tried to be open-minded. I picked Brent over other IMS practitioners because of the amazing success he had with two of my friends, plus I appreciated the fact that he really connects with athletes of all kinds. (I still think of myself of an athlete even though I have been unable to compete or even exercise consistently without injury for years…)

    Brent’s IMS work on me had an immediate impact; my knee and foot pain were completely gone after just a few sessions, and my flexibility increased dramatically – I am more flexible than I’ve been in twenty five years (dating back to pre-football injury). My shoulder mobility has improved so much that I’ve started playing tennis again. And my back pain has reduced substantially while my back muscles have become much more resilient, to the point where I have resumed running again. Other practitioners told me I would never be able to run again, but I’ve been pretty happy with my success so far – I have been running consistently for the first time in a very long time.

    While I’m still at the initial stages of my road to recovery, I’m very happy with the results so far. I’ve been seeing Brent for about 3 months and he has had a transformational impact on my life. I look forward to continuing to work with Brent and to keep improving until I have no pain or muscle stiffness at all. Thank you Brent!

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